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flower acrylic painting serenity blue

Uplifting Art

Brings colors to your life. 

Uplift the routine.

Bright up your sight with the creation

of intentional painting.

About Hearts your life

Josie Osborne was searching for a new purpose when her beautiful career as an aerial performer came to a close.  Living in Las Vegas, being newly married, pregnant, and feeling empty over the ending of her career, Josie’s husband brought home some canvases and paint brushes.  He didn’t expect that it would be life changing for the French Canadian artist! Art brought healing to her heart and the time painting felt to her like traveling to planet inner-calm!


Josie brought art with her around the world over the years.  First, in Mississippi, she took her first acrylic painting class and explored different styles.  Then in Texas, she created a group of likeminded art-lovers called “Coffee and Art Time” to share tips and ideas.  In the Netherlands, Josie got to meet Cat Coquette, a well-established online artist, and spent time studying Van Gogh.


Now in Virginia, Josie is committed to her art more than ever! 

She creates pieces to spread beauty and color throughout the world.

Healing Heart with Art

I do not pretend to heal anyone or that my painting will cure you, but I can surely say that painting has brought more joy and contentment in time where I couldn't find myself.

As a reiki practitioner I love to infused my artwork of the magic of life force energy. 

It brings a deeper dimension to the art.

Nature is my timeless source of inspiration! 

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! I just love them!

Love yourself mix media painting
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