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Bring colors to your life. 

Uplift the routine.

Bright up your sight with the creation

of intentional painting.

About Hearts your life

Who is Josie?

I started painting while pregnant, 8 years ago; I realized the calming effect of painting on me and how I didn’t notice time pass. I am mostly self-tought but through the years, I have done painting classes with other fellow artists from around the world.


I believe art brings healing, from the action of creating but also by it's beauty and the feeling it brings to you! 

A passion of finding the beauty within as brought to my path the becoming of a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner and an akashic records reader; I always have been fascinated by holistic healing  and wanted to do more. I soon realized that I needed to show up in what I believe in which is why I am here today. Sharing my passion, my knowledge and my gifts.  


I paint for you today in hope it bring Joy, clarity, Peace, Serenity, Gratitude, ... to you tomorrow.


One painting at the time, one person at the time,

If you allow me I would love to bring  all those colors to your life!

When you fall in love with my art and encourage me,  I plant a tree for a beautiful forest tomorrow.

Bold Flowers.jpg
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