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About Josie.Ane.Sakura

Josie Ane Sakura found herself at a crossroads when her vibrant career as an aerial performer reached its conclusion. Settling in Las Vegas, newly married and pregnant, she grappled with a sense of emptiness stemming from the closure of her career. It was during this pivotal moment that Josie's husband introduced her to canvases and paintbrushes, unwittingly igniting a transformative journey for the French-Canadian artist. Immersed in art, she found solace and discovered a newfound sense of purpose, as if embarking on a voyage to a tranquil inner realm.

Venturing across different locales, Josie's artistic odyssey unfolded. In Mississippi, she delved into acrylic painting, experimenting with various styles. Texas became a hub for creativity, where Josie cultivated a community of like-minded art enthusiasts through her initiative "Coffee and Art Time," nurturing a space for sharing insights and inspiration. The Netherlands, with its rich artistic heritage, particularly resonated with Josie, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Van Gogh. In Virginia, propelled by a leap of faith, she officially established "Hearts Your Life," showcasing her art in galleries and guiding budding talents through instruction amidst the calming embrace of waterside landscapes.

Now settled in Colorado Springs, Josie is more devoted to her artistry than ever before. Each creation serves as a vessel to spread beauty and vibrant hues across the globe, reflecting her unwavering commitment to enriching lives through art.

flower acrylic painting serenity blue


Nature, with its timeless beauty, serves as my muse and guide. Among its many wonders, flowers hold a special allure for me—they represent the essence of life, blooming with resilience and grace despite the challenges they may face.

Art, in all its forms, has the power to bring soothing to the soul. Whether through the gentle strokes of a painting, the melodious notes of a song, or the intricate patterns of a dance, it has the ability to uplift and inspire, offering a sanctuary of peace in a chaotic world. Through my art, I strive to capture this essence—to create a refuge where others can find solace and connection, and where the beauty of life can be celebrated in all its vibrant glory.


As a practitioner of Reiki, I infuse my artwork with the subtle energies of life, imbuing each creation with a sense of vitality and connection to the universe. This infusion adds a deeper dimension to my art, inviting viewers to explore the unseen realms of existence and find solace in the beauty of creation.

Love yourself mix media painting
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