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Art and Wellness

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Hearts Whispers

Open Hearts

Join the FREE ONLINE Art and wellness Retreat

Hearts your Life is committed to your well-being through art and self-care. This at-home art retreat , paired with relaxing lotus flower teachings and meditation, is designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Join us to experience the therapeutic benefits of art therapy and wellness combined at any given online pace you choose!

BIG News

Hearts Your Life is moving to Colorado Springs in May! We're bidding farewell to ocean views in exchange for the majestic mountains, which will inspire us for the next couple of years!

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Calendar 2024

Yorktown Market Days

Last Market in Virginia

will be April 20 from 8-12pm

Indoor Classes
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Virginia, US

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Customizable Art
Painting Supplies
"Class was very interesting, relaxing, and creative. Josie is always available for guidance and instructions and is so encouraging and knowledgeable. I hope she has more classes to explore pour painting."

WCAC customer

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