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From my heart to yours, THANK YOU!!! My first year in sharing my art has been incredible and this is because of you!!
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Painting has been part of my life for about 8 years now, at that time I had little to no knowledge but lots of curiosity and joy of learning something new. 


Soon, I realized there was more to the splash of colors, it brought calm like a form of meditation and lots joy.  


My goal is to let the artwork radiates the joy and calm all the way to you.


Josie Osborne Visual Artist

Original art painting with mix media on canvas or Nara Paper. Every painting has a story. Meaningful, uplifting, bring colors and soul to your space.


Dutch pour personalized painting_edited_

What is the intention you want your painting to be infused of?
A painting full of sense and meaning will come to life to enlighten and uplift you at every sight. 



Fine art prints with Giclée. Created with premium Fine Art Entrada natural rag paper, high quality, 100% cotton and heavyweight. Designed to maintain is rich vibrancy for century!


Join me in this 4 sessions bundle. Get more confortable with alcohol ink or acrylic paint. Together we will go through some basic, and make multiple project from start to finish. 

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Intentional Painting and Personalized Message


After learning how to access my akashic record I thought to myself, "How can I bring this kind of healing and light to the people around me?  And there it is; I decided to start this beautiful project named... What's your Story?


We first set an intention which I will infused your art of while painting. Then, I connect to your energy, to discover the meaning behind the creation.

What's your Story is for those of my clients who are brave enough to receive a personal message attach to their surprise art piece.


The messages are full of love and meant to uplift you. 

The sight of the painting will remind you, in a subtle yet powerful way, your intention.


Once your soul colors painting is ready it will be send directly to you with the message I channeled for you and a certificate of authenticity

Hey heartist!

I would love to hear from you! Get in touch, and I'll reply promptly.

I am here to serve you online and I also serve the beautiful area of Hampton Roads and can come directly to you for fundraising, events and group paint night.

Get in touch with me! 

Josie xox

Williamsburg, VA

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